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Ripple CEO Voices Support for XRP Community

The XRPL Apex event, a global summit hosted by Ripple, is happening in Amsterdam from June 11th to 13th, 2024. This key gathering brings together developers, innovators, businesses, and investors who are building the future of finance on the XRP Ledger blockchain.

Adding to the event momentum, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse publicly expressed his support for the XRP community. A tweet featuring a picture of Garlinghouse alongside Ripple CTO David Schwartz at the event included the message “We’re ready for you,” underscoring Ripple’s commitment to the XRP ecosystem.

XRPL Apex Marks a Milestone for the XRP Ledger

The XRPL Apex summit signifies a significant milestone for the XRP Ledger. The event serves as a platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing, fostering a vibrant community that is actively shaping the future of the XRP Ledger.

With a growing number of community-led events and increasing participation, the XRP ecosystem is experiencing a surge in activity and innovation. This growth coincides with Ripple’s leadership taking a proactive role in the community’s progress, acting not just as observers but as facilitators and active participants.

The XRPL Apex event is generating significant buzz within the XRP community. Key takeaways from the summit’s sessions are already being shared on social media. The official XRP Ledger Apex social media handle highlighted a crucial point from Ripple CTO David Schwartz’s presentation: “Interoperability… extremely important.

XRP Gold Coast 2024: A Successful Precedent

The recently concluded XRP Gold Coast 2024 conference set a high standard for community-driven events. Held in Australia from March 22-24, the conference attracted significant attention with noteworthy keynote speakers like Massachusetts senatorial candidate John Deaton and SpendTheBits founder Jay Kambo.

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Ripple CEO Voices Support for XRP Community

Keynote Speakers

Dr Mariya Pionka – Keynote Speaker

Dr Mariya Pionka

Exciting Announcement!!
We are thrilled to reveal Dr. Mariya Pionka will be joining us as a Keynote Speaker! With a wealth of experience in finance, academia, and community service, Mariya is a true leader and innovator.

Formerly with @Westpac and @BT_Financial, she's an expert in general and superannuation investments. Her impact extends beyond finance, serving as Treasurer and Board Member at @HousingConnect2.

Awards speak volumes! Dr. Mariya's contributions were acknowledged by @CommBank with a Certificate of Appreciation in 2020 and 2021.

A prolific author, she co-authored "Financial Planning and Personal Finance," published in 2022 by @Cengage_AuNZ. As the Associate Editor of @ICSB's Journal and a Master Teacher for the Global Certificate in Entrepreneurial Finance, Dr. Mariya's dedication to education shines!


Keynote Speakers

John Deaton – Keynote Speaker

John Deaton

Exciting Announcement!!

The Team at Wave of Innovation is thrilled to announce Mr. John E. Deaton, a renowned legal expert and advocate in the cryptocurrency industry, as the distinguished key speaker for our upcoming #XRPGoldCoast2024.
Mr. Deaton's extensive knowledge and experience in crypto law make him a valuable addition to the event, where he will share his insights on the latest blockchain developments.

John, a prominent figure in the field of cryptocurrency law, has made significant contributions to the XRP community through his legal work and advocacy efforts. He is known for his dedication to representing the XRP community investors. #cryptolaw #johndeaton

"We are honoured to have John join us as our key speaker at the conference. His expertise and passion for crypto law align perfectly with the goals of our event, and we are confident that his insights will be both enlightening and empowering for all attendees.

Mark your calendars, because this event is going to be legendary!
For the latest updates, make sure to follow @wave_of_innovation


Keynote Speakers

Crypto Eri – Keynote Speaker

Crypto Eri

We are thrilled to announce that Crypto Eri, a prominent figure in the XRP community, will be gracing the stage as the Keynote Speaker at the #XRPGoldCoast2024 Conference. Her unwavering commitment to the XRP community and unparalleled content have been a guiding light through the tumultuous waters, and her dedication to supporting innovation within the XRPL ecosystem is set to make an incredible contribution to this year's conference.

Crypto Eri, known for her deep understanding of the XRP ecosystem and her engaging, informative content, has emerged as a leading voice in the XRP community. Her ability to dissect complex concepts and provide clear, insightful content has garnered her a dedicated following and earned her the respect of industry insiders and enthusiasts alike.

The #XRPGoldCoast2024 Conference is set to be a pivotal event, bringing together industry leaders, developers, programmers, and business professionals from around the world. With Crypto Eri as our Keynote Speaker, attendees can expect to gain invaluable insights into the latest developments within the XRPL ecosystem.


Keynote Speakers

Jay Kimbo – Keynote Speaker


Jay Kimbo
Visit xrpgoldcoast2024.com to secure your Ticket before Early Bird Special Ends

We are super thrilled to announce our distinguished keynote speaker at #XRPGoldCoast2024 the visionary Jay Kambo, creator of the groundbreaking payment system at @Spend_The_Bits!
Prepare to be awed as Jay shares his unparalleled insights into the future of digital payments, revolutionising the industry with payment solutions.

We welcome Jay to our lineup of keynote speakers. We are confident that his insights into the future of digital payment innovation for Australian businesses will be groundbreaking. #JayKambo #spendthebits

Mark your calendars, because this event is going to be legendary! For the latest updates, make sure to follow @wave_of_innov


Keynote Speakers

Scott Chamberlain – Keynote Speaker

Scott Chamberlain

Exciting Announcement!!
Join us as we welcome to the XRP Gold Coast 2024 Conference Keynote Speaker Scott Chamberlin, the visionary founder of Evernode! @EvernodeXRPL @scotty2ten

Scott has pioneered a groundbreaking concept Evernode, which fuses the HotPocket protocol with the proposed Hooks amendment, enabling XRP Ledger Accounts to function as “lite smart contracts.” This innovation creates a global, permissionless, decentralised network of nodes, designed to run any dApp efficiently and swiftly in any language at any scale alongside the XRP Ledger.

Prepare to be enlightened as Scott shares his immense knowledge and insights into innovation and processes that can empower businesses.

Mark your calendar because this conference is destined to be legendary.
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#XRPGoldCoast2024 #Evernode


Keynote Speakers

Sadaf Jadran – Keynote Speaker


Sadaf Jadran

Exciting Announcement!!
Visit xrpgoldcoast2024.com to secure your Ticket before Early Bird Special Ends! #XRPGoldCoast2024

We're honored to welcome @SadafJadran , a distinguished strategy consultant, innovator, and entrepreneur to the XRP Gold Coast event!

With a rich decade-long background in traditional finance and an unyielding focus on the latest in digital trends, she's been the guiding force behind startups from London to Silicon Valley, predominantly in the crypto and web3 arenas.

If you're looking to gain a perspective shaped by both global financial capitals and the frontier of digital innovation, Sadaf is one not to miss!


xrpl news

Will XRP 2024 Gold Coast Summit Benefit XRPL

While Ripple’s CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, addressed the XRP community prior to the Friday Night celebration of the XRP ruling, prominent pro-XRP lawyer Bill Morgan expressed skepticism about the significance of the party.

Just hours before the celebratory festivities kicked off, Garlinghouse gave the enthusiastic XRP community insights into what they could anticipate at the event. He emphasized that there would be no major announcements during the party, dispelling widespread community speculation.

Garlinghouse clarified that the event’s sole purpose was to commemorate XRP’s victory in its legal battle against the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). “And as for any “announcement” that people are wondering about, tonight’s event is just a celebration,”