Ticket Purchase Terms and Conditions



Authorised Ticketing Agentmeans a ticketing agent authorised by WOI to sell tickets to an Event.

Event/s means any symposium, conference, convention, hackathon or similar undertaking held or organised by WOI and includes any associated or incidental event such as parties, presentations, seminars, dinner or luncheon events, black tie events, award giving, and gatherings and meetings whether ticketed or non-ticketed.

Event Specific Terms means terms that apply to a specific Event but not necessarily to all Events and which may not apply to other Events.
GST means Good and Service Tax as defined in A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999 as amended.
KYC means know your customer.
Terms and Conditions means all or any of the Terms of Sale, Venue Terms and Conditions and Event Specific Terms.
Terms of Sale means the general terms and conditions set out below.
Third Party Content means any information, data, material, images in any form or format that is owned by a third party or over which a third party has any rights including intellectual property rights that is displayed or the WOI Website or published, viewed or viewable.
Venue Terms and Conditions means the terms and conditions of the Venue at which anEvent is held that the Venue requires attendees of the Event to comply with.
WOI means Wave of Innovation Ltd (ACN 669 563 679).
WOI Website means any website owned and controlled by WOI about WOI or WOI Events
You/Yourmeans a person who purchases from WOI or an Authorised Ticketing Agent, or has lawfully obtained, a ticket to an Event.


WOI is a not for profit purpose companythat organises and holds crypto Events. By purchasing a ticket to a WOI event You agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions.

The Terms of Sale relate to the sale of tickets and attendance at any WOIEvent for which a ticket is sold or issued.  These Terms of Sale apply to the purchaser and any subsequent ticketholders.

In addition to the Terms of Sale, You acknowledge that You are subject to any Venue Terms and Conditions and Event Specific Terms. Where there is inconsistency between terms the following order of enforceability applies:

Venue Terms and Conditions.
Event Specific Terms.
Terms of Sale.
WOI reserves the right to cancel any ticket used in breach of any of the above terms.

Authorised Ticketing Agents may apply their own terms and conditions to which You acknowledge You may be bound.


Tickets to an Event are available through WOI or Authorised Ticketing Agents. You agree not to buy tickets from unauthorised operators and acknowledge that WOI warns You that tickets to an Event may be sold or resold through unauthorised operators at excessively inflated prices. If You buy tickets from unauthorised operators, You do so at Your own risk and neither WOI nor any Authorised Ticketing Agent will be able to assist You.

WOI cannot guarantee any ticket purchase made through any means other than WOI or Authorised Ticketing Agents.  Any Authorised Ticketing Agent will be notified on the WOI Website.


Each ticket You buy and payment You make is subject to a non-refundable per order booking fee or service fee which may, at the option of WOI, either be identified separately to You or included in the ticket price or amount payable at the time of booking.

Ticket fees are not negotiable and subject to change. Early bird discounts or other discounts may be available at WOI’s discretion and will be published by WOI on its Website and by any other means it determines in its absolute discretion.

All prices are stated in Australian dollars and include GST. All credit card purchases are processed through a secure online payment system.


Early bird discounts are offered to You within a limited period of time before an Event and earlier than other purchasers who pay a higher price or the full price. The period in which early bird discounts are available is at the full discretion of WOI and the period may be shortened or extended by WOI for any reasons in its absolute discretion it considers are necessary or appropriate.

The early bird discount does not confer on buyers a preferential ticket and will not grant or guarantee any entitlements, benefits or rights that are not available for the same ticket purchased for the full or a higher price after the early bird period ends. The selection and number of tickets offered at an early bird discounted rate is at the discretion of WOI. It is important to remember that WOI does not offer exchanges or refunds if You book during the early bird discount period, and You later decide You do not want to or cannot attend the event. So You must ensure You are satisfied with the tickets before going ahead and booking them.


Timing and method or delivery of tickets for Events will be in a manner determined by WOI in its absolute discretion and may include paper tickets, electronic or digital or by sending of NFTs to a digital wallet.  Details will be published by WOI on its Website and by any other means it determines in its absolute discretion.


The promotion, advertising, offering or selling of tickets to an Event is strictly prohibited by anyone other than WOI or WOI’s Authorised Ticketing Agents, unless:

  • with WOI’s prior written consent; or
  • where expressly permitted under relevant State or Federal consumer laws.

Tickets may not, without the prior written consent of WOI, be used for advertising, promotion or for any other commercial purposes (including competitions and trade promotions) or to enhance the demand for other goods or services. In addition to any other legal rights and remedies that WOI have in this regard, WOI reserves the right to immediately cancel, without notice or compensation to You, any tickets sold or used in breach of this condition.


WOI has the right to include Event Specific Terms for an Event. Such Event Specific Terms will be made availableon WOI’s website as early as possible before an Event, although You acknowledge that unforeseen contingencies and circumstances may require these terms to be added for a specific Event close to the start of an Event and after You purchase a ticket.


WOI has the right to add, withdraw, reschedule or substitute advertised guest or keynote speakers and to vary advertised programs, times, prices, venues, seating arrangements, staging and audience capacity without notice to You. Although WOI will use its best endeavours to ensure that advertised guest or keynote speakers attendYou acknowledge that:

  • WOI cannot foresee and control reasons that may prevent a guest or keynote speaker from not attending;
  • The sale of a ticket is not conditional on attendance of any guest or keynote speaker;
  • You have not relied on any representation that any guest or keynote speaker will attend.

If there are Intervening Circumstances which require the Event capacity to be reduced or the configuration to be varied then that process will be determined by WOI in its absolute discretion. If Your transaction is identified for cancellation (i.e. due to venue capacity restrictions) then You will be entitled to a full refund of the ticket price.

Intervening Circumstances means an incident that is beyond WOI’s control which occurs after the time when a Ticket is sold, such as an act of God, state of emergency (e.g. bushfire, bad weather, flood), public health emergency (e.g. pandemics including COVID-19 related), travel warnings (e.g. travel restrictions or advice to not travel) and Government or Health Authority directives (e.g. forced venue closures or mass gathering restrictions).


WOIhas the right to enforce published ticket purchase limits including per person limits or group limits and cancel any tickets You obtain above those limits. If You exceed the ticket limit, You may have any or all of Your orders and tickets cancelled without notice. This includes orders associated with the same name, ticketing account, email address, IP address, billing address, credit card number or other information. In such circumstances You will be entitled to a refund of the ticket price.

WOI may at its absolute discretion outsourceknow KYCfunctions toa third party and You must provide information required for KYC procedures at the point of ticket ordering and payment.


Events may be relocated, rescheduled or cancelled by matters beyond WOI’s control.You acknowledge and agree that no person or party other than WOI is responsible and liable to You for providing any refund or comparable ticket in such circumstances.

The responsibility to ascertain whether an event has been cancelled rescheduled or relocatedis a matter between You and WOI. No other third party or entity guarantees that ticket holders will be informed event has been cancelled rescheduled or relocated before the date of the event.

Cancellation: if an Event is cancelled for any reason whatsoever, You will,subject to clause 14, be entitled to a full refund of the ticket price.

Rescheduled: if an Event is rescheduled for any reason whatsoever, Your ticket will be valid (or if applicable, Your ticket will be reissued) for the rescheduled Event unless otherwise advised by WOI. You are entitled to a full refund, subject to clause 14, of the ticket price if You cannot attend the rescheduled Event, provided that You apply for a refund within the period of time advertised or notified by WOI and/or its relevant Authorised Ticketing Agent.

Significantly relocated: if an Event is significantly relocated for any reason whatsoever, Your ticket will be valid (or if applicable, Your ticket will be reissued) for the relocated Event unless otherwise advised by WOI or its Authorised Ticketing Agent. You are entitled to a full refund of the ticket price if, subject to clause 14, You cannot attend the relocated Event, provided that You apply for a refund within the period of time advertised or notified by WOI or its relevant Authorised Ticketing Agent.


To avoid doubt, WOI is not liable to You for any losses or expenses incurred in connection with an Event being cancelled, rescheduled, significantly relocated or changed (including, for example, travel, accommodation or other ancillary expenses), except to the extent that such losses arise from WOI’sbreach of any applicable laws, in which case the loss is limited to the full extent permitted by law.


Refunds or replacement on any ticket will only be given as set out in these Terms of Sale, or as reasonably determined by WOI in its discretion or as required by law. WOI or its Authorised Ticketing Agent will not replace lost, stolen or destroyed tickets unless proof of purchase is presented. WOI or its Authorised Ticketing Agent may charge a fee for the replacement of tickets.

If You purchasea ticket and cannot attend an Event WOI is its discretion may resell the ticket and if the ticket can be resold, refund You the full ticket price less a rebooking fee and the initial booking fee.

To the extent permitted by law, any booking fees or rebooking fees paid by You to WOI will not be refunded in any circumstances (including where the ticket price has been refunded by theWOI).


You are responsible for checking all Event information and ensuringYou have purchased the right ticket for the right Event, on the right date and at the right Venue. No refunds will be processed if You mistakenly purchase a ticket or make some other error in connection with Your ticket purchase, unless WOI at its discretion can resell Your ticket or, subject to availability, can provide a substitute or different ticket. This will be subject to a fee for resale (see above) or ticket substitution.  If the price of the substituted ticket exceeds the original ticket price You will be required to pay the price difference.


All Event attendeesover 12 years of age  must purchase a ticket to enter the Event. WOI reserves the right to impose age restrictions on certain events based on venue requirements and safety considerations. Children under 12 years of age may enter an Event without a ticket.

Tickets may be purchased for children under 12 years of age subject to the Restrictions.

Only ticket holders will be permitted to attend seated events.


You acknowledge children under 18 years of age may not be permitted to entry to certain places where alcohol is sold by the Venue.


From time to time, in conjunction with the Event ticket, WOI may sell event packages, add-ons and upsells (including but not limited to Venue Accommodation) (Event Packages).  You may be subject to further terms and conditions relating to Event Packages including terms and conditions imposed by the Venue.

WOI is responsible for WOI Event Packages only. A WOI Event Package is an Event Package purchased directly from WOI or its Authorised Ticketing Agent.

WOI is not responsible for Event Packages sold, distributed and provided by third party operators.


WOI reserves the right to livestream, broadcast, communicate, film and/or record any part of an Event. If You are photographed, filmed or recorded whilst attending an Event, You consent to WOI (or third parties authorised by WOI) photographing, filming or recording You. Third parties authorised by WOI can broadcast, publish, license and use any photographs, film, recordings or images of You without compensation or restriction including but not limited to marketing and promotional use and in all media. WOI authorised third parties and anyone acquiring from them a right to use the material are not liable to You in any way for its use.

WOI may permit attendees to use cameras, audio and video recorders at an Event at an attendee’s request or as a right of attaching to a ticket (in which case this right will be conferred in the Event Specific Terms.


WOI’s rights to refuse entry to an Event include but are not limited to where:

  • Your ticket has been handled in breach of these Terms of Sale; or
  • Your ticket is defaced, manipulated or damaged.

You are reminded that in addition to WOI’s right to refuse entry to an Event, the Venue hosting the Event may impose additional restrictions.

You agree to comply with security and safety requirements and directions at the Event. Prior to entry to the Event, You and/or Your belongings may be subject to specific security and safety requirements including but not limited to bag checking, metal detector tests, pat downs, explosive sweeps and/or drug detection tests.  If You do not consent to such searches, You may be denied entry to the Venue without refund.

It is important to WOI and our keynote speakers that each Event is enjoyable and safe for attendees. Anyone behaving in an offensive, disruptive or dangerous manner may be ejected from the Event in the WOI’s discretion. WOI reserves the right to evict from the Event anyone who disobey Responsible Service of Alcohol legislation or refuses to comply with event Specific Terms or Venue Terms and Conditions. Anyone found supplying or consuming illicit drugs will be evicted from the Venue and may face criminal charges.  If You feel unsafe, distressed or harassed at an Event WOI encourages You to seek the assistance of WOI’s Event personnel.


To the fullest extent permitted by the law and subject to Your rights under any laws, You release WOI (including its directors, officers, employees, consultants, contractors, agents and volunteers) from any liability for any damage, loss, liability or injury You may suffer in relation to Your attendance at an Event, howsoever caused, including due to any negligence or other act or omission of WOI.

You agree to compensate WOI for any damage, loss, liability or injury that WOI may suffer as a result of Your wilful, reckless or negligent acts or omissions at an Event.

  1. RISK

Entry to the Event is at Your own risk.To the extent permitted by law, WOItakes no responsibility for any damage or loss caused by Your failure to follow WOI or Venue directives. In the event of injury or illness WOI may, at Your cost, arrange medical treatment and/or emergency evacuation as deemed essential for Your safety.


Pursuant to Your booking, WOI or its Authorised Ticket Agents may need to collect and keep personal information about You including Your name, email, address, credit card or payment details, contact number and the names of all ticket allocations.

Your contact details may be used to provide You with information and details about the Event.

If You have consented to receive further information about WOI events WOI may provide You with promotional material about other Events and products. WOI may also need to disclose Your personal information as required by law or as permitted under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).


WOI, and its designated representatives, including Event organisers, reserve the right to prohibit items which it believes threaten the enjoyment, rights and/or safety of You, speakers, exhibitors and/or other attendees at the Event.

Unless permitted under the Venue Terms and Conditions or the Event Specific Terms, Prohibited Items include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Animals (with the exception of service dogs such as guide dogs or emergency service dogs).
  • Balloons, frisbees, radios, musical instruments, laser pointers, sticks, poles, bats, clubs, etc.
  • Confetti or shredded paper.
  • Flammables or missile-like objects, fireworks, sparklers, road flares, emergency flares, explosives, or other incendiary devices.
  • Glass items.
  • Illicit substances.
  • Large signs, flags or banners other than for Event sponsors).
  • Lasers, flashlights, lights.
  • Masks (with the exception of medical masks or religious face coverings).
  • Noise-making devices such as air horns, bells, bullhorns, thunder sticks or whistles,
  • Political signage.
  • Unless permitted by WOI in writing, professional photography equipment (e.g. telephoto lens; any lens over 5cm; any detachable lens; stands or other commercial equipment or anything deemed by Event personnel to be professional photography equipment).
  • Tables, tents or sun shelters.
  • Unauthorised solicitation materials including handbills, flyers, stickers, beach balls, give-aways, samples, or other promotional items.
  • Weapons of any sort including tasers, mace spray or potential projectiles.
  • Any other item deemed by Event personnel (in their discretion) to be, or potentially be, a safety hazard or annoyance to participants or guests, dangerous or offensive.

You must also comply with Venue Terms and Conditions on the Venue website for venue-specific prohibited items (which vary from venue to venue).

Any persons found to be in possession of Prohibited Items must surrender those Prohibited Items to be permitted entry to the Venue. Surrendered items will not be returned.


Subject to Third Part Content all content and materials in any format on the WOI Website or created at a WOI Event and all intellectual property in the WOI Website or content created by WOI at a WOI Event is owned or licensed by WOI.

Subject to these Terms, You agree that You will not infringe the WOI’s intellectual property as contained in the WOI Website or over any content of WOI arising from the Event and will not modify, copy, republish, frame, distribute or communicate any part of the Website or any information contained on the WOI Website including content obtained by WOI from the Event without the WOI’s written consent.

WOI grantsYou permission to download our copyright material only for private and non-commercial purposes or for purposes necessary for You to access Event information or content. You may only reproduce or use our copyright material for any other purpose with our written consent, which may be given subject to such conditions as WOI in its absolute discretion may impose.

All rights not expressly granted are expressly reserved to the maximum extent permitted by law.

Third Party Content

The WOI Website may contain Third Party Content and the WOI Website and Event Services may enable You to link to or access Third Party Content.  Third Party Content may be published at or after the Event.

WOI does not control and is not responsible for Third Party Content and You bear all risks associated with Your access to and use of Third Party Content with or without a third party’s permission.

Any Third Party Content made accessible by WOI is provided without any warranty or endorsement of any kind. WOIis not obliged to and will not make inquiries about Third Party Content and does not endorse and makes no express or implied representations concerning Third Party Content.

WOI reserves the right to take remedial action if any such Third Party Content violates applicable restrictions under these Terms of Sale, including the removal of, or disablement of access to, such content.

The owner, author or provider of such Third Party Content retains all rights in and to that content, and Your rights to use such Third Party Content are subject to and governed by the terms applicable to such content as specified by such owner, author or provider.


Information may change

WOI strives to ensure accuracy and reliability of information published about an Event, however, venue, dates, keynote speakers and other offerings at an Event, and ticket pricing are subject to change without prior notice. WOI recommends that You stay updated through its official communication channels including the WOI Website and social media for the most current information regarding Event dates, venue and ticket pricing.


The right to a refund of any amount paid for a ticket is subject to the Terms of Sale and Commonwealth and State consumer laws.  You should ensure You read and understand the Terms and Conditions before ordering tickets to the event.


The source of the information provided regarding accommodation and services at a Venue is from the Venue operators. For further details and terms of accommodation, You should refer to the specific disclaimers on the Venue or Venue operators website or publications.


While WOI has made reasonable efforts to verify the accuracy of the Venue accommodation and services information WOI has provided, it does not endorse or confirm its accuracy. You should independently verify the information and make Your own inquiries directly with the Venue operator to ensure its accuracy and suitability for Your needs. WOI shall not be held responsible for any discrepancies or misunderstandings arising from the information obtained from or about a Venue, Venue Accommodation and Venue services.


WOI may vary these Terms of Sale at any time without notice to You. Any variations become effective immediately once the variation has been published on the WOI website. Any variations will not operate retrospectively.


Any provision of these Terms of Sale which is or becomes unenforceable shall not invalidate the other provisions of these Terms of Sale.


All provisions of these Terms that by their nature should survive termination of Your attendance at the Event  they shall survive including all limitations on liability, releases, indemnification obligations, disclaimers, choice of law and intellectual property protections.


You indemnify us against any action, liability, claim, loss, damage, proceeding, expense (including legal costs) suffered or incurred by us arising from or which is directly or indirectly related to Your breach or non-observance of any of these Terms or any breach, or alleged breach, of intellectual or other proprietary rights or interests of third parties.


If You are a consumer under the Australian Consumer Law in the purchase of tickets for the Event nothing in these Terms is intended to remove Your rights under the Australian Consumer Law. If WOI is entitled to limit the remedies available to You for breach of such provision of the Australian Consumer Law, WOI expressly limits its liability to either holding the Eventagain or giving You a refund for the cost of the ticket.


Any failure by us to assert any right under these Terms shall not constitute a waiver of such right. If WOI waives or fails to assert a right or to enforce a particular term on one or more occasion, this is not to be deemed a further or continuing waiver of such right or term.


These Terms are governed by the laws of Queensland, Australia.